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The retardadin

Allow me to preface this by saying two things. Firstly, I have absolutely nothing against paladins or tanking paladins. Secondly, I'm a woman gamer. This second point is so folks don't think I'm being sexist...

We have just finished dealing with the most godawful paladin tank I have ever had to deal with. She started out as a mage, and decided when the xpac came out to try playing a pally tank. We had a policy that you announce ahead of time that you're going to switch mains and she did not, but made cootchy-coo noises at the guild leader and didn't get into trouble for it. She then started powerleveling and getting into every 5-man that she could get into.

I'm a warrior tank, and the official offtank for the guild (our MT is another warrior and excellent at his job, I adore the guy). And at first I thought it was great that we were getting another woman tank. But then she started acting a little weird. I noticed it when I came in on a halls of stone run that she and her regular group couldn't get past and managed to survive that annoying wave after wave bit with Brahn and the iron dwarves, and I managed to survive when I brought them. She started saying these curt apologetic things in guild chat and obviously fishing for pity.

Whenever we tried to group and get gear, she'd try her hardest to get in and tank instead of me, even when she had nothing to gain from the instance. I ended up pugging half my gear. Meanwhile she was sitting on 400+ badges and never bought any of her T7 gear or the librams or trinkets you can buy with badges. She just sat on them, and when asked why she wasn't spending them, stated that there was nothing worth buying (as she continued using level 70 trinkets and blue armor).

Then we started raiding Naxx, and it hit the fan. It was obvious she had never been a raid tank before in her life. She didn't know how to strafe. She didn't know how to switch targets. And she obsessed with taking whatever I was tanking from me, even if another mob gingerly stepped over her and crushed a healer's face. And whenever something went wrong, she quickly tried to find some means of blaming it on me. And finally, whenever she didn't get to tank a boss, she would WHINE. She would SIGH and GRUMBLE and MOAN. Eventually even the clueless players started noticing it and were getting sick of her.

When enough people got angry, she had this bawling crying breakdown over vent and got everyone to feel guilty about it. (I should note that she's also forty years old) Everyone went out of their way to pet her and make her feel better, meanwhile tanking was becoming an incredibly stressy job for me because not only was I having to deal with her trying to make me look bad at every opportunity, but I was also having to cover for her. She refused to tank adds (yes, the pally refused to tank adds), and so I always had to grab any loose mobs, on top of her utterly obsessing over whatever I was tanking and trying to take it from me.

Thankfully cooler heads prevailed. Our guild is run by multiple people, one of whom is a woman. That guild elder came with us on a Naxx run and watched as she ignored me multiple times when I asked her to please wait until I caught up to her before she pulled, to not run with her back to a mob, and how she tried to make up for people getting angry at her by making lewd flirty comments at them.

She was asked to go back to playing her mage, and she chose to quit the guild and take her friends with her, whom she later abandoned for another guild.

It's people like that that make other women gamers look bad. Ugh,

A question of Gold

Ok Folks,

     We have all seen them.  Adds for a book or file that gives your toons the Midas touch and turns the gold cap into a suddenly attainable thing.  Every long timer on the net seems to have their book or file and they will gladly share their hard earned secrets with you for $X.OO.  But wait... there's more because if you order now... you also get this incredible veggie peeler absolutely free   

     And to make matter worse... You can only get this worth it's weight in gold techinique for a limited time before the price shoots up like a Lunarfest rocket.

     So my question is to you all, have any of you ever tried any of these and were they worth it.  Are the secrets they give THAT profound the rest of us simple cannot grasp them without these guide-writer's knowledge?  I am considering getting one but I wonder if anyone has recommendations for a speciffic supplement or guide?  I understand Paladins are supposed to be poor, but to broke to repair my armor, post gank,  or buy some cheese and spring water is just too broke.  Help me my friends!

Just a reminder...

It's the 4th Anniversary of WOW. Make sure you log in today for a free pet and achievement. =)

Fish Fish Fish!

I must have been in some sort of zone last night because once I got a port to Dalaran, I spent about four hours fishing in the fountain for coins. The good news is that I ended up completing 2/3 of the coin achievements; the bad news is that it has inspired this rant.

For those of you who have not yet been to Dalaran: the fountain is very small and in a corner. This probably won't be a problem once the newness of the expansion wears off, but right now, I feel like there's some basic courtesy that some people need to follow.

1. If you have a huge pet like an Un'Goro Devilsaur or a Core Hound, DISMISS THE GORRAM PET WHEN YOU'RE FISHING. We can't see around your Voidwalker's big blue butt.

2. It's not funny to go running around in the fountain on your mount. It's not a big fountain. You're obnoxious and getting in the way of our bobbers.

3. It's also not funny to use some sort of growth thing on your mount while standing on the edge of the fountain so you cover up everyone's bobbers. Really, really not funny.

On a more specific note...I fished for four hours. For three of those hours, some Huntard* sat just inside the fountain on the edge with his wolf pet taking up fishing room. Only 1/10 of my casts landed in a place that was hidden by him, but that's a lot of casts in three hours. And...seriously...I realize I have no life if I fished for four hours, but what kind of NO LIFE did this idiot have to sit there for THREE HOURS? ...especially since at the very least he'd have to keep tabbing back in to make sure he didn't idle off.

*I hate that word, but in this instance, it applies.

Well . . . OK Then

I'm a pretty casual player. I don't group because I really don't have the time or inclination to do so. I just run around soloing and basically staying out of other players' way.

Well, I'm in Northend and I did a pretty noob thing by getting on the zeppelin in Westguard Keep. I didn't know it was for a daily quest. I have a tendency to just go off and explore. I figure that as long as I'm not getting in anyone's way then it doesn't matter if I jump on a zeppelin or boat or whatever.

Well, I'm standing there like a big dummy and just looking at the scenary. I'm kind of hoping it would take me to the other side of Northend but whatever. So this dwarf asks me to group with him. He didn't whisper it but just let the box pop up. I declined. He then whispers to me that I need to accept the invite.  In the next whisper, he tells me that we have to be in a group to do the quest. So I'm about to tell him that I don't have the quest (I would have probably added a "sorry" in there because I almost always do when I decline something) and he starts saying "What is wrong with you?! Why is everyone on this boat a dip****?" He's saying this out loud for the benefit of everyone but really there's only three of us on the zeppelin.

And just as we come back around to the keep he whispers again and says, "Do you even know what this boat is for?" Uh, no, but I'm not being a jerk about it.

And so now I'm checking online to read about the quest and none of the descriptions say that it's a group quest but only that it makes the quest much easier if you group. So . . . if he had just got to work on the quest instead of yapping at me the whole time, he probably could have done it in only a couple of runs.

So yeah. I did a noob thing. But, IMO, he was out of line. I know this isn't a big deal but it just seems like all the little irritations caused by other players since Wrath came out are getting worse.
After running UK, The Nexus and Azjol-Nerub, I noticed that there were no warrior plate drops. So I did some research and found the UK has 1 2-handed axe from the last boss, The Nexus has one set of DPS warrior shoulders and AN has 1 tanking ring. That's all the "warrior" type loot from any of them. What other plate that drops is paladin gear (and that's like 3 or 4 other pieces total.) I think that rogues got completely forgotten about too. A dagger and a pair of boots in AN, a chest and a fist weapon from UK and a dagger in UK. I'm hoping that a patch will add better loot distribution in the near future.

Dueling on PVE (Damn Gnats)

This is my first post here so if I step on toes I do apologize.  I play a lvl 25 Tauren Balance Druid.  Slow as hell but effective.  I generally play solo and enjoy that.  (too many years playing Final Fantasy alone)  Moreover, I understand the concept of dueling.  Two players want to throw down in a friendly competition.  Yours still in PVE, and they or you have to request the duel.  Now I don't know a lot of WoW etiquette, but if I don't want to duel I just decline and lumber on looking for the next raptor to kill.

However, the other night I lumber into Ratchet looking to complete some quest only to get challenged but some duel-wielding elf.  I decline and walk on.  Oh no... he requests again.  NO!  Again.  Sorry elfman no!  This prat runs and situates himself right in from of me, doing the chicken emote.   (Obviously dealing with a great mind here)Challenged again. NO!.  SO I sit in front of him and begin to log out as he is pissing me off now.  Now I don't know how it would have gone down, but I was level 23 and he was level 13.  I am pretty sure I would have flattened him.  but that is not the point.  I was not interested.  Anyone else get this sort of thing?  Does it bother you?  is there a proper way to nuke the pesky little gnats?  I am all ears folks.

Player Behavior

So I'm on QD, and I go to pick up the Bombing Run quest from Arynna. I walk up right-click and *BOOM* Guards beat me. I'm thinking WTF? It seems that there was a NE rogue stealthed standing on top of her for about 2 hours, just dancing, getting people killed by the guards. What kind of strange pleasure do some people getting out of using an exploit to get people killed by guards?
I know there were at least 15 petitions put in about it. She (I'm saying she because it was a female toon) eventually left. I don't know if that was due to getting bored or GM Intervention.

Oct. 26th, 2008

That's it, I've had it!

It's time to nerf retribution paladins.

I've been retribution since day one of playing this game, and have never respecced.  I would get 900-1000 dps (before the patch), which isn't the MOST, but it's more than a lot of people get.  I would often be first in both damage done and dps in successful raids.  Even then, I would occasionally be laughed out of groups with the quite familiar "lolret".

And I was the only ret paladin on my server that people recognized as being devoutly ret.

But now, every paladin I cross is retribution.  I try to get groups and they say, "Sorry, we already have too many ret pallies."  I always ask who they are, just out of curiosity.


How frustrating.

So for my sake, nerf retribution paladins again, so all those other paladins can do what they do best: conform.

Yer miss teh lewt!

We have a general policy in my guild asking that people keep quiet if something a potential player wants really badly drops at a time when they couldn't be around to get it. We don't take huge steps to hide it, but we also don't rub someone's nose in it.

All except for one person.

I'm a tank, and I've been aiming for either the axe off of the last boss in Zul'Aman or the mace from Lurker. Lurker's mace dropped for the first time last night while I was busy doing some overtime and couldn't show up. So, when I log in after I get home (to see if I've gotten my pets back. I MISS YOU DISGUSTING OOZELING!) he quickly lets me know that the other tank got HIS mace. Yup yup. Guess what you missed, hah hah hah! And previously when the axe dropped and the tank in that group already had it, he made sure I knew that he got it as a toy.

I've let him know that I find this behavior insulting and rude, and he doesn't stop. He also Never Shuts Up. We get a play by play of every twitch he makes in vent, and every time we raid, he rolls on everything, particularly if it's a piece someone else wants badly. Not because he really wants it (and if he won the roll, he wouldn't get the item anyway most of the time), but because he thinks it's funny.

I've cut him a lot of slack because in general he's a pretty nice kid. Emphasis on the kid part. He's a teeny bopper who pretty much derives all his self worth in life from being superior in the game. He's an excellent pally healer and a pretty good hunter.

I just wish I had a 'the joke isn't funny anymore' hammer to beat him in the head with.