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Yer miss teh lewt!

We have a general policy in my guild asking that people keep quiet if something a potential player wants really badly drops at a time when they couldn't be around to get it. We don't take huge steps to hide it, but we also don't rub someone's nose in it.

All except for one person.

I'm a tank, and I've been aiming for either the axe off of the last boss in Zul'Aman or the mace from Lurker. Lurker's mace dropped for the first time last night while I was busy doing some overtime and couldn't show up. So, when I log in after I get home (to see if I've gotten my pets back. I MISS YOU DISGUSTING OOZELING!) he quickly lets me know that the other tank got HIS mace. Yup yup. Guess what you missed, hah hah hah! And previously when the axe dropped and the tank in that group already had it, he made sure I knew that he got it as a toy.

I've let him know that I find this behavior insulting and rude, and he doesn't stop. He also Never Shuts Up. We get a play by play of every twitch he makes in vent, and every time we raid, he rolls on everything, particularly if it's a piece someone else wants badly. Not because he really wants it (and if he won the roll, he wouldn't get the item anyway most of the time), but because he thinks it's funny.

I've cut him a lot of slack because in general he's a pretty nice kid. Emphasis on the kid part. He's a teeny bopper who pretty much derives all his self worth in life from being superior in the game. He's an excellent pally healer and a pretty good hunter.

I just wish I had a 'the joke isn't funny anymore' hammer to beat him in the head with.



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