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Fish Fish Fish!

I must have been in some sort of zone last night because once I got a port to Dalaran, I spent about four hours fishing in the fountain for coins. The good news is that I ended up completing 2/3 of the coin achievements; the bad news is that it has inspired this rant.

For those of you who have not yet been to Dalaran: the fountain is very small and in a corner. This probably won't be a problem once the newness of the expansion wears off, but right now, I feel like there's some basic courtesy that some people need to follow.

1. If you have a huge pet like an Un'Goro Devilsaur or a Core Hound, DISMISS THE GORRAM PET WHEN YOU'RE FISHING. We can't see around your Voidwalker's big blue butt.

2. It's not funny to go running around in the fountain on your mount. It's not a big fountain. You're obnoxious and getting in the way of our bobbers.

3. It's also not funny to use some sort of growth thing on your mount while standing on the edge of the fountain so you cover up everyone's bobbers. Really, really not funny.

On a more specific note...I fished for four hours. For three of those hours, some Huntard* sat just inside the fountain on the edge with his wolf pet taking up fishing room. Only 1/10 of my casts landed in a place that was hidden by him, but that's a lot of casts in three hours. And...seriously...I realize I have no life if I fished for four hours, but what kind of NO LIFE did this idiot have to sit there for THREE HOURS? ...especially since at the very least he'd have to keep tabbing back in to make sure he didn't idle off.

*I hate that word, but in this instance, it applies.


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