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So, last day of Brewfest was yesterday. We get a group together to try and kill Coren a few times so that some folks who want the toys can get them.

There's a mage in my guild. He has... Issues. Hence, we don't really want to group with him all that much. Well, whenever he sees us doing Brewfest he instantly starts stalking and whining to people to try and get in. As we were winding down, we offered him a spot to use his summon and maybe do a couple of runs. He said no, unless he can do a full five he didn't want to go.

Okay, so we kept going. Folks would cycle through their alts and such and we went down the line and used their summons. Finally after everyone was used up the mage told us he decided he wanted to use his summon before it was too late. So, we bring him in.

We'd just finished a fight and everyone was eating and drinking and preparing to do it again. We were on vent, which he REFUSES to use. We hadn't said a word in party chat, and he rushes up and starts the quest while the healer had all of 2k mana and the hunter and lock were low as well. Hence, unprepared, we wiped.

He claimed he 'thought we were ready'.

Yeesh, if you're mad you didn't get invited, there are more constructive ways of dealing with it instead of costing us all a 5g repair bill and making us all run back to BRD. I really hope the mage isn't shocked when he isn't invited at all to any of the horseman runs coming up.

Have a shred of respect.....

So I'm sitting in guild chat and someone says "Anyone up for Heroic SP?" I chime in, stating I would love to go. Since I'm not doing anything, I head toward Coilfang. Slowly, I see my guildies start to show up: A rogue, druid, hunter and myself, a fury warrior. I'm assuming they are trying to find a tank and just haven't grouped up yet. We stand there talking and after a couple minutes I see them all run off toward the instance. I just stand there, dumbfounded. If they didn't want me in the group, they could have been grown up enough to say it. I get more ticked off at them ignoring me after I asked about it than I would have if they said "We just don't want you."

Am I wrong for being a little ticked off about it?
I keep getting into fights with people.  You shall see what I mean.

The following conversation took place in the Un'goro Crater.  I was on my shaman, Deganawedah.  "Noctipitation" represents some cheeky warlock that so unfortunately happened to be in the same zone as me.  Dosakh though... is Dosakh... and we love him for it.

Mailboxes are SRS BZNSCollapse )

So then I was in Shadowmoon Valley, doing dailies for my Netherwing mount (I get it tomorrow, b-t-dubz).  I was asking for a group for the quest [The Deadliest Trap Ever Laid] at the Sanctum of the Stars.  I was on Aselwe (my oh so fun ret pally).  "Rawrbear" represents a snippy little druid at whom I wanted to shake my head in disapproval.

Netherdrakes are SRS BZNSCollapse )

I let the second guy off a little easy.  I really should have slammed him.  I make people cry when I get into my "what you say is of no consequence to me" 'tude. :-(

Horde QQ

Im a pretty hardcore Hordey, I think. And all this Brewfest Kodo stuff is making me angry.

The way I see it, Brewfest is a Dwarven holiday, with a bit of Ogres thrown in. No Pandarens, even. So the rationale behind giving a Ram away last year is obvious - you help out the Dwarves, you get a Dwarven mount. It makes sense.

If you want to make a case for the Horde missing Brewfest, go right ahead. Id be okay with that extension of my logic - although there would be no event without both factions getting a go, imo.

The Kodo, however, is not only non-sensical in terms of holiday lore, it is also giving away an icon of the Horde. In all three Warcrafts, where were the Rams? Nowhere! It doesnt really break established Warcraft lore to give them away. But Horde have had Wolves since Orcs And Humans, and Kodos in WC3. Its not our fault that the iconic Alliance mount is just a lame pony! And anyway, you can go get a raptor from ZG if you want. The tiger stands out amongst both factions, but that raptor just blends in with all the trolls in Orgrimmar.

To me this seems like another case of Alliance QQers getting immediate (well, ASAP) attention, whereas Horde-centric issues remain untouched for patch after patch.

Enjoy your kodos, feeble Alliance. I hope they trample you.

(side note: this post was meant to be quite light-hearted in tone, but since it was rejected by other communities, Im thinking it was a bit more flame-baiting than I expected. Im not sure how to fix it, so Im posting it as-is, but dont hate on me too much ;))


Dear horde twinks in the 39's and 49's. L2roll something besides rogues. There is no point in a bg where you're getting lawlstunlockroflstomped by 8-10 rogues in wsg.

I don't mind fighting twinks. I am a twink. I don't even mind a rogue or 2 on each side. But that's just it. It's not a competition or any fun when no one can do anything but stand there and be sapped and poisoned to death. I don't even understand the mindset that wants to go into the bg's to just roll the other side with little to no competition. That's just boring.

Dear alliance in the 49's, when I bring my priest in... don't stand there and go FORT FORT FORT FORT FORT. I will buff everyone. I make an effort to just start rolling the buffs as soon as I zone in, and you will get yours in turn. IF you stop being an ass.
So my guild decided to go to Karazhan on Tuesday.  We don't have enough 70s, so we had to PuG.  We rolled through Attumen and Moroes like I've never seen before (and I've been in kara groups with Eonar's premier raiding guild).  However, our MT (a pally) couldn't really tank Maiden because of her stupid consecration move, so we had some random OT try and do it... and she cut through him like butter.

So we failed.

And failed.

And failed.

And people came and went.

And we failed some more.

And just when we thought all was lost, we failed again.

So we all just quit.

The problem with having 10000 people come to a PuG is that they can steal your raid ID.  We went back on Thursday night to find Karazhan cleared.  We were PO'd.  So we ran around until we came across some Netherspite trash mobs.  We figured we could TRY Netherspite even though it would've been an almost guaranteed fail.  So we started fighting our way in...

And then we saw that chess was up.  I've never had a problem with chess, we rolled right through it.

And then we saw that Prince was still there.  We killed him in one try.

Then we went to Netherspite.  Easy sauce.

I wish I could see the PuGers faces when they go back to find that we've cleared the rest of Karazhan for them.

Funny how I have yet another Ret Pally vent... only this time it's about the noobiest noob of Ret Pallies that I know.

I'm considering quitting... would anyone suggest it?  I've had such bad experiences with some people, people who are entirely antisocial, people who have tried to cheat on their fiances with others (including myself... not that I was cheating on someone, but someone was trying to use me to cheat), people who are vengeful and spiteful, people who are really good friends but have been sucked into the game... So what does everyone say?  Time to quit?

I can always keep in touch with people on AIM or MSN :-\.
A Rant on Ret Pallies

Today was a bad day for ret pallies, me specifically, on my server.  I was looking for an arena team and doesn't someone say, "lawl retnub"?  Yes, they do.

So I say, "Explain how you mean that and I'll let you off the hook."

[Yumcake]: the name should explain it
[Aselwe]: it's a name, i could say shadownub... that doesn't make it right
[Aselwe]: awesome, I'll take that as a win for me so far as that goes
[Yumcake]: ret's not even good for anything
[Aselwe]: you still haven't explained to me how you mean that
[Aselwe]: i find that ret, when properly played, is highly valuable
[Yumcake]: .......lol
[Aselwe] still waiting though
[Yumcake]: waiting for me to spot you the money to respec holy?  not going to happen
[Aselwe]: i would never go holy
[Shudshutup]: QQ  b/c you spent so much time getting your worthless S1 armor?
[Aselwe]: i like being ret
[Caniaxaqueshon]: are we talking about pvp or pve
[Aselwe]: either or, yumcake has yet to specify
[Shudshutup]: let's see, worst dps and cc in the game
[Aselwe]: their dps isn't bad if geared-properly, and they have spells that improve the function of other roles as well
[Aselwe]: not to mention they can sometimes act as off-tanks in 5-mans
[Yumcake]: .....lol
[Kaemtoolate]: ret is good for group support
[Aselwe]: alright, so basically you don't even know
[Aselwe]: and you're not going to come up with a real argument
[Aselwe]: so good day

Then Kaemtoolate whispered me and told me not to worry about what Yumcake was saying, lol.  He's one of the nicest guys on our server.  He said that one of our more advanced raiding guilds denied his pally membership because they preferred a ret pally over holy.  I already know ret pallies are valuable.  I appreciate it all the same.

So yes, don't go calling people retnub, because such a thing doesn't exist.  There are nubs though who choose ret... and people who have simply yet to learn how to play their class.  I'll tell you some things ret pallies should NOT be doing: wearing spell damage gear, using righteousness instead of command or blood, spending points in retribution aura instead of sanctity (or in both), they never take crusader aura down... those are all I can think of right now.

And don't bug ret pallies for kings... it's not the end all, be all of pally buffs.  For raids where there are at least three pallies, you should be able to distribute improved wisdom, improved might, kings, and salvation without every pally having kings... that's just a waste.

A Rant on Finding Heroics Groups

So let me set the stage.  I was in a group on my ret pally for heroic crypts, and we needed a tank (sound familiar?).   So I was doing AV while we were searching for a tank.  Finally we found one so I said, "Okay, AVs almost done, be right out."  I get out of AV and suddenly realize that I'm not in the group.  I saw my group in LFG still, but the tank that they had found was the group leader.  So I whispered the tank and said, "Hey, you can invite me back."

He says, "Sorry, we have someone."

[Aselwe]: I was in your group, I don't understand why I was booted
[Dooftank]: you left
[Aselwe]: nope
[Aselwe]: i wouldn't've even been able to do so considering I can't manipulate my group status while in a BG

I'm not stupid... don't tell me I did something that I clearly would not do.

So then I see that they did indeed replace me... with another ret pally.  There aren't very many good ret pallies around, so I decide to check him out on armory and beimba.  I'm over twice his progression in terms of where I can perform and find improved gear.  I... love... it.

So I was talking to the mage about it, and he whispered me about 10 minutes later and said, "group disbanded... couldn't get past the first pull."  Well... yeah!

Eventually I did go, but I had to take my priest to get a spot... lame.
I am tanking Gruul, get shattered along with four other people who should not have been rushing up to Gruul on my heels, and then get one shotted by him because I took 8k shatter damage on top of a 10k hit, as I am at the top of his aggro.

Why is it every time I die because of this, people respond by demanding to know what my stamina is, what my dodge is, what my armor is at, and what my parry is? I get really annoyed at how the the few times I die, people start demanding to know my stats. I can tank Mag just fine. I can tank just about anything people throw at me just fine.

You know, sometimes when I die, maybe it's because of the negligence of someone else instead of my stats?

May. 20th, 2008

Hailing with horror stories from the Argent Dawn server.

Ok, so I'm slow and I make it to Winterspring right? I meet up with a shaman there and we take on some giants and get some shinies and smack some of those big furry not-bears around, and it's good. Until we run into some Horde.

Now, up until this point he's been wonderful. But he knows I'm a "boomkin," not a healer, and he knows I'm not a PVPer. That's why I'm on the strick RP server. So can someone explain to me why he felt the need to attack two horde players who had their PVP flags up? Horde players who were three levels higher than us? Who were better equipped than us? (My sorry little butt has never grinded for teh epic lootz, and he certainly wasn't any better off.)

And when those same horde players decide to sit and wait for us to rez so they can do it all over again? He has the gall to ask why I was upset. I don't blame the horde players - I'm sure they were having great fun at his idiocy.

I hid behind a tree to rez, went catwise, made like a rogue to get out of there and called it a night.


And here's why I never do dungeons! I got into the dungeon business a bit late, back when I was just hitting my late 40's and trying to figure out the whole "looking for group option" and I sign up for Zul'Farrak. It takes seconds for a priest to ping me to join his group.

The mess that occured afterwards had mostly to do with someone having a strange case of "what does this button do?" But eventually we get some other people - a warrior, a shaman, and a hunter, but lo, once there, the hunter realizes she's out of arrows, and runs back to the little goblin city thinking some are there. She spends about forty five minutes running around looking for arrows. The rest of us spend our time dancing and telling not so funny jokes.

When we finally get going into Zul'Farrak... it's a mess. Which is easily attributable to the fact that nobody really talked about who was doing what. But I kinda figured that the hunter (and hunter's pet) and the warrior tank would... y'know, handle the threat a bit.

Nope. Shaman goes in ass blazing, but there's enough of us so far that nobody dies. Our priest does a good job of making up for the fail that is the shaman. That is, until our priest, with no warning, decides to go "fuck this noise" and hearths out of Zul'Farrak while we're a quarter into it and leaves the group.

Leaving me to play backup healer. Something I am not good at. I try, but I burn through a lot of mana potions and we still get quite a few wipes in the process. But we make enough progress that nobody wants to call it quits until hunter lady decides to sit down and log off while we're fighting for our lives from the horde of beetles she pulled.

At that point, I bid my other two compatriots a good evening and jumped ship myself.

Not doing that again. Go soloing.


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