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stupidity in the world of warcraft
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This is a place to rant about the stupidity that runs rampant in the player base of World of Warcraft! Guild drama rants, PUG rants, forum drama rants, ninja rants, etc., are all welcome here! You can also post about silly noob moments or general idiocy. We're not picky. ;)

COMMUNITY RULES (subject to revision)

1. Post screenshots behind an lj-cut, please.

2. Strong language is acceptable, hell, we fucking encourage it (this is a rant community, after all), but we will not tolerate racism, sexism, or homophobia. Same goes for spam.

3. Don't disable comments. If you disable comments for a post, you will be contacted about editing it. If you don't edit it within a reasonable amount of time, you will be banhammered.

4. No deleting comments/posts. Be prepared to own up to what you said.

5. Think of this place as somewhere where you can let off steam, not cause more stress and drama. :)

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